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Trade Allies are industry partners who directly support Atlantic City Electric business customers in achieving their energy efficiency goals. Trade Allies assist in a variety of projects, including retrofits, end-of-life equipment replacements, tune-ups of existing equipment, and much more.

Our Trade Ally Network includes:

  • Equipment suppliers
  • General or installation contractors
  • Energy service companies (ESCOs)
  • Engineering/design/architectural firms
  • Energy management consultants

Benefits of Becoming an Approved Trade Ally

  • Ability to participate in Atlantic City Electric energy efficiency programs and obtain incentives for our mutual customers
  • Opportunities to attract new business or increase project scope
  • Opportunity to list your business information in the ACE Trade Ally Directory
  • Invitations to Trade Ally-only industry trainings
  • Program communications to stay current on program updates and training opportunities
  • Marketing materials to enhance your customer proposals

Trade Allies can also submit applications for incentives on behalf of Atlantic City Electric business customers and may perform the work associated with the installation or tune-up.

Many of our programs require Trade Allies to be approved prior to submitting applications for incentives or performing installations. This ensures our customers receive exceptional quality services and products from reputable contractors and distributors.

Are You Required to Be an Approved Trade Ally?

For the Small Business Direct Install Program and Energy Management’s Full Building Tune-up, and Monitoring-Based Commissioning pathways, you must be an approved Trade Ally to submit applications and perform work.

For all other programs, you may become a Trade Ally to receive the benefits listed above, however it is not required to submit applications or perform work.

Become an Approved Trade Ally

Submit your online applications or view the requirements for each network below.

Trade Ally Training Webinars

Trade Ally Opportunities with ACE C&I Portfolio of Programs and Application Portal Training  
Date: September 2022  
Video Passcode: ACE9-29ESBP

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ACE Prescriptive and Custom Program Portal Contractor Training   
Date: Jan 2022 

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ACE C&I Energy Management Program - HVAC Tune-up Trade Ally Recruitment Webinar   
Date: Mar 2022

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