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Looking for ways to save money? The Prescriptive and Custom program was specifically designed to help you find energy-saving improvements that meet your business’s needs while reducing your operational costs. This program is for all businesses, regardless of business type or sector.

The program makes it easy to upgrade to a broad range of high-efficiency, energy-saving equipment and technologies and receive quick one-for-one incentives. See below to determine which path is be best for you.

Prescriptive IncentivesCustom Incentives

Prescriptive incentives are available for a broad assortment of high-efficiency electric equipment and technologies, making it as easy as possible for you to receive rebates quickly. Eligible equipment includes:

  • Lighting and controls
  • HVAC systems
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Food service equipment
  • Agriculture equipment

View the full list of incentivized equipment here.

If you didn’t see the equipment you’re looking for on the Prescriptive list, don’t worry, because our Custom incentives are designed for projects not covered by the Prescriptive incentives. Custom projects may include energy efficiency upgrades within existing buildings such as industrial processes, building energy management systems, and electric chillers.

Our experts will help you develop a project plan specifically tailored to best meet your unique facility needs and organizational goals. Custom projects are typically multi-equipment or optimization solutions for which customers earn performance-based incentives.

Getting started is easy

The Prescriptive and Custom program is for Atlantic City Electric business customers. If you have any questions about eligibility, just contact us.

For Prescriptive Incentives: If you are ready to get started and the equipment is listed on the incentivized list either submit an online application or contact one of our approved Trade Allies.

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For Custom Incentives: To get started, our team of energy consultants are available to help you identify potential incentives, guide you through the planning process, and discuss minimum requirements and financial incentives. Contact us.

Have questions or need additional help?

Our team experts are here to help. We will answer all your questions and help you determine which of our program offerings will work best for your needs.